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Managing Conversations with LIST®
  • Learn the customer’s underlying needs and concerns. Encourage the customer to share information and acknowledge their issues.
  • Indicate understanding by summarizing the customer’s requests.
  • Solve to the extent possible and collaboratively to gain customer acceptance.
  • Tell by recapping next steps, each person’s responsibilities and time frames.

LIST® allows people to avoid hasty problem resolution (reacting to a few facts and presuming a best fix). Using LIST® improves productivity, reduces conflict, and increases customer (and employee) satisfaction.


The Who Killed Service? workshop raises awareness and builds commitment to quality service. An engaging 14-minute video case study shows Investigator Charles Sweeney uncovering crimes that were committed on April 14th by Computer Eeez at the Taylor Tax accounting firm!

The jury (participants) is led by the judge (facilitator) to determine guilt or innocence in various service crimes and design rehabilitation plans for the guilty. This program is fully scripted and does not require a professional trainer. It’s a great way to launch service improvement programs.

Additional Performance Improvement Opportunities
  • Defuse — dealing with a difficult customer and calm an angry person.
  • Relate — understanding DISC personality styles to leverage your relationships.
  • Seize the Opportunity — leveraging LIST® to identify opportunity for additional products and services sales.
  • Listening for Comprehension — sharpening listening skills is the first step in gathering relevant details and improving customer interactions.