Sigma Performance Solutions
Talent Management
for Technical Professionals

About Sigma

Sigma was founded in 1986 for the sole purpose of improving customer service skills of technical professionals.

Technical is not just for techies – it includes financial services, healthcare, consulting, and other areas of professional expertise.

Our name comes from the lower case Greek sigma measuring the distribution of performance along a bell curve.

For more than 20 years we’ve achieved superior results. Our success is based on proven principles that have survived the test of time and continuing support based on current research.


Sigma Solutions

Sigma solutions are built for results. Improving net promoter score, increasing first-time resolution, boosting sales opportunities, addressing HCAHPS scores and the metrics that are important to you, our solutions deliver measurable results. Our flagship program is LIST® -- a 4-step process for having productive and meaningful professional conversations.

Our other programs (Defuse, Seize the Opportunity, and Relate) complement LIST® by providing tools and techniques for calming an angry customer, applying LIST® to sales opportunities, and understanding the personalities of the players using DISC. Who Killed Service? raises awareness and builds commitment to quality service using an engaging 14-minute video case study.

We can help you build a complete program that meets your organization’s unique needs. Our services include: needs assessments, instructor–led workshops, webinars, online modules, facilitator certification (train-the-trainer) and LIST® certification for service professionals.


Sigma Programs

Are you wondering why you just connect with some clients, and struggle with others? Have you ever started a consulting engagement, only to find out the client needs something different after you’ve already invested time and energy in ramping up?

Sigma is pleased to announce our upcoming workshop: Exceptional Consulting Skills. Join us in Celebration, Florida for this 2½ day workshop designed for internal and external consultants who want to be more effective in managing client relationship and projects so you can enjoy your work more, and stress less! Focus groups will include: new consultants, those considering a consulting career, and seasoned consultants who want to take their experience to the next level.